This was without doubt what I was most excited about for our trip to Turkey. The scenery was breathtakingly magnificent and even that seems like an understatement.

We stayed at the beautiful Kelebek Special Cave Hotel on the recommendation of a friend. The views were stunning, the breakfast amazing and the staff friendly and helpful. Staying in a cave was pretty neat too


My only complaint is that we were sick for most of our time here. Not entirely sure if it was sunstroke from the heat or something we ate or combination of both but one full day in bed when we could have been exploring lost! I am trying to remind myself that there will be times like this throughout our year so to simply respect that and take the rest as needed.  Thank goodness the hotel was so lovely!



2 thoughts on “Cappadocia”

    1. No issue with call to prayer waking us up yet…I am sure that will change in Morocco. Dani had been making jokes before we left saying she was eating as much as possible before in preparation for traveller’s diarrhea.

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