We are currently travelling in Morocco. We are moving at a very fast pace trying to see all the imperial cities (Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes and Fes) in just a few days. After that we are heading to the desert and then the Atlantic coast. Then on to the Mediterranean coast.

Impressions of Morocco so far….
A few stares and comments about my complexion and we have been dressing modestly so I think that helps.  It is also still odd to me only seeing men sitting and enjoying coffee or tea. Equally odd that there are places where women are not allowed.

The harassment that is annoying is the ‘tipping’ of every single person you encounter. People offering to be helpful with directions or pointing you in the right direction will cost you. Mostly this is just an annoyance and mostly because it forces me to carry a bunch of change around ($5 and $10 are coins)

The landscape is amazing. It is only increasing my excitement to see the desert.

I am surprised by the ability for the people to speak French so easily and the amount of French influence especially in Casablanca.

I don’t think I will get sick of eating tangines despite what people have said. Although I also did like camel and might eat that again. Also, I love mint tea…even in this heat.

All the tile work and colors in the Medinas is amazing.

The cats are not cared for like they were in Turkey.

Casablanca had a pleasant climate due to proximity to the Atlantic. Otherwise, even in mid September it is soooo hot. This makes me glad that we chose to come here at this time instead of next summer.


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