Hello Morocco

We’ve moved on from Turkey now. I meant to share all the funny things that happened to us along the way but I failed miserably.. There are a few reasons for this… One being we were ill for a good portion of the time in Turkey (am event that resulted in me nicknaming one of our hotel rooms the poo cave). Another reason was the pace at which we were traveling. A new hotel every night or sometimes every second night.

Some notable memories include the cats, hundreds of cats everywhere we went – they are generally well cared for with people leaving food for them and claiming some as pets!
The gorgeous landscape of Cappadocia, even though we were ill was one of the highlights. Our room was carved into a fairy chimney, and had one electrical outlet and no overhead light. Jen pointed out that it’s probably hard to retrofit a cave.
When we hit Antalya we were exhausted from a 9 hour bus ride. The  cab driver found our hotel in record time, navigating the old city with ease, driving through throngs of people (much like you’d imagine driving through a herd of cattle in India!) driving down tiny alleys that I would have never thought were streets. That was the best 30 lira ($15) we spent the entire time in Turkey. In the morning we hit a private beach – $10 for both of us and lounged in the Mediterranean sun for nearly the entire day.
We were never harassed by men the way some warned us. Outside the blue mosque we were “helped” by a young guy who waited for us to come out there other side exclaiming, “you took a long time! Please now you will come to my carpet shop.” We said we were late for the train!
One young guy asked our hotel and I quite naively told him (Dort Mevsim – Turkish for Four Seasons… Not quite the four seasons of north America). When we arrived on the other end another young man was waiting on his little motor bike to help direct us to our hotel – oh and also suggest his family’s bus business for all our travel needs.
The heat was like nothing I had ever experienced, not in Hawaii and not even in Florida. My tan has been deepening every day. Water is not potable here… Such modern cities and yet water bottles litter the streets. I think we are going to discover this is something we take for granted in Canada – turn on the tap and drink.

We leave Turkey both excited and nervous to move onto Morocco.


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