Another day, another epic hike. We drove through the High Atlas Mountains today…a lot of turns. We stopped for a picnic lunch with our delicious fresh bread (cost 13 cents) and laughing cow cheese which is really cheap here compared to home.

We arrived in the village of Aremd. It is much cooler here due to elevation of 1960 meters. We actually have to pull out our long sleeve shirts and pants.

I got on a hike from the town to Sidi Chamharouch (elevation 2337 – map from Garmin). This is a shrine. Legend has it Sidi Chamharouch is a king of the dijinn. There is a white rock that is part of the shrine. It is open to Muslims only. There is a large rock that is covered in blood where animals are sacrificed and then put into the mausoleum. We see animal hooves hung as ‘gifts’



It is a popular route for trekking. We run into many mules and trekkers. The hike is challenging and rewarding!




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