Disaster Strikes (2nd attempt)

Second attempt at this post since the internet ate it when I uploaded.

It seems like I’m usually the one who gets sick when we are traveling. The only exception being Turkey when we both were sick for a few days causing us to miss out on the part of Turkey we were most excited for (Cappadocia).

So of course on the day we were to head into the Sahara (again the most anticipated activity) I woke up with a bit of an odd feeling in the stomach region. I had a few private (private but not very quiet) moments in the bathroom and then a bit of violent vomiting but there wasn’t much time to lay around before we had to head out on the bus. I had a very bad feeling about the bus. I took 2 imodium, which is the recommended dose for someone in my situation.

About 30 minutes into the bus ride, I was seated at the window with the sun beating on me, getting warmer and more green by the minute. I asked Jen to ask the driver when we could stop next. Before she had a chance the vomit volcano started. I tried to get up and over her but I think she wore some of it. I was at the sliding door, which has a safety lock – impeding my exit. Everyone on the bus started to cry out – open the door! Open the door!

Then, as if puking in front of 15 other people wasn’t bad enough… I pooped my pants.

I got out and found a nice quiet Moroccan ditch to finish my business in.  Jen was nice enough to bring me some new pants. Some dialogue.

Dani, “Did you bring me some underwear?”
Jen, “Oh. My. God. I thought you were joking.”

Possible culprits:

1. Imodium and robaxacet are similar size and color. May have been swapped with disastrous results.

2. These guys:


3. This guy:


4. Lunch….
Local experience. We selected a chunk of meat from the butcher. He ground it up with some spices. Then someone else took it to the BBQ guy.


I went on to ride a camel into the desert later in the day.


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