Eating like a Morrocan

This post might be premature since we still have just over a week in Morroco but I think I just ate the best Moroccan meal.

We were hanging around Essaouira for most of the day waiting for the 3pm bus to Marrekesh. After a short walk around the Medina again we decided to stop for lunch.

Generally everyone was getting ‘tagine fatigue’ but not me. I really could eat like this forever. I had a lovely chicken with dried fruits and almonds. Fairly typical.

The people I was dining with were awaiting their utensils but I dug right in with the bread provided to scoop the delicious stew into my mouth. The owner stops by and says ‘oh, you eat like a real Moroccan’

I also ate some Moroccan pastries for dessert.  They were very simple and not very sweet. One swirled with walnuts, one with crushed almonds and a taste of rosewater, another a little parcel shaped pastry with marazapan.

Another great meal! Usually my appetite cannot keep up!


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