We arrive in Marrakesh just before 5. First impression is simply ‘it is a city’, compared to all the rural areas have been over the past two weeks.  Also, since our time in Morocco, this is the first time we see alcohol being available for sale indicated on sandwich boards and in restaurants.

We arrive at our hotel provides the same impression… Wow a hotel. We walk into our hotel and the smell was odd…Dani comments ‘wow it smells like a hotel’

We get cleaned up to go for dinner in Jamaa el Fna which is a UNESCO heritage site (I remind myself that I need to make a list of all the ones we have visited recently). The site of the square at night is amazing! There is so much energy in the air, thousands of people, drums pounding, clarinets playing, and small children’s sparklers flying through the air. Lanterns everywhere.


We go to a stall that is serving BBQed food. It is chaotic. We order olives, salads, grilled vegetables, and kabobs. We watch the BBQ guy grill all our food.



We leave to go have some ‘spicy tea’ and cake to help with digestion apparently.  The tea is a mixture or cinnamon, ginger, thyme, and a few other herbs that are mulled for hours. Right before serving the gentleman put crystalized peppermint in it.


The smell of the tea reminds me of younger days and the taste is exquisite. The cake tastes kinda like Christmas cake. It is also delicious.

We make our way around the Medina and it is so busy even though it is nearly 11pm and a Tuesday. We stop at some of the ‘storytellers’ to see what is happening.

A little midget comes to shake our hands and then poses for a photo.


I think oh how friendly and nice. Then he starts rubbing his fingers together indicating he wants some cash. Dani pays him some and he is waiting for more. I get uncomfortable and Dani simply tells him to get lost. We listening to some more drumming and then head back to the hotel.


3 thoughts on “Marrakesh”

  1. Omg. I don’t even know what a gypsy punch is?!? Dani did make 1/2 dirham dancing in the square and yelling that anyone watching should pay her 5 dirham

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