Marrakesh Express

We finished our group tour a few days ago and really wanted to explore a bit more of Morocco on our own.

Our original plan was always to travel to Chefchaouen and then onwards to Spain by ferry. We went to the train station to go purchase our tickets. The Marrakesh Express goes from Tangier to Marrakesh in 10 hours (not really ‘express’ but it does cover most of the country) we decided to do this in reverse.

This is when we had some second thoughts…oh 10 hours on an overnight train, are we sick of medinas, really how many tagines could I really eat (or need to eat), maybe Portugal instead. After about 45 minutes sitting in the train station drinking a nos nos (Moroccan coffee with milk) we purchased our couchettes for a train departing in 2 days.

I felt mildly nervous about this for no specific reason other than I get nervous about a lot of things. I am writing this post from the train and once again learning the lesson… don’t worry, be happy.


Our sleeping berth contains 4 beds. Each comes with two sets of sheets and a pillow. We have also received bottled water. Dani was kind enough to give me the bottom bunk. Dani also loves the thought of how much money this is saving us…transport AND accommodations for the extremely reasonable price of $43 CDN each.


Now, my biggest worry is that my feet smell badly. Thank gawd I have a small piece of solid amber perfume to attempt to mask that.

Nighty night. Next post from Chefchaouen.


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