Our last stop in Morocco before heading to Spain.

Chefchaouen is the “blue pearl” of Morocco, nicknamed as such for the bright blue of the medina walls.

After our overnight train, we arrived in Tangier Ville. From here, we popped into a petite taxi and overpaid to get to the bus station.

The bus station was filled with men shouting names of cities in Morocco indicating where the bus was going. It was a bit overwhelming at 7am.

Dani managed to find us the bus to Chefchaouen departing at 8 am. We wait patiently for 30 minutes.

This was a local bus…very different from our Supr@tours experience previous. The ride was totally fine and the countryside as we approached the Rif mountains was stunning.

We arrived in Chefchaouen early for our accommodations so wandered around until we found a place to have nos nos.

Our accommodations were in the medina. Not terribly difficult to find thankfully…although the description of ‘the blue door’ wasn’t helpful (see photos)

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It has been wonderful staying in the medina. Seeing the locals sweep the piece of cement, lay down their tarp, place their wares for sale and then pack them up at the end of the evening. It has been a different experience seeing how it happens everyday. How everyone has their own little spot.

We had breakfast at the same place eat morning. Arriving at 9, as the shopkeeper opened. Then he would rush to the bakery to get bread to serve us, and then rush to the confectionary to get jams. We wait patiently for 30 minutes to get our ‘usual’ toast (tomatoes and olive oil), coffee and fresh orange juice (unless the electricity is out..then two coffees)

I had the great pleasure of completing two amazing hikes, one each morning. I was in heaven.

It has been lovely spending a few days in this small town and enjoying the slow pace. The perfect way to say good bye to Morocco.


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