Transport in Morocco

We have travelled by nearly every means in Morocco so I wanted to jot down a few points to remember:
1)Train – we travelled this way from the airport to Casablanca and again from Casablanca to Rabat and Meknes. Nothing unusual, no assigned seats is a bit of a bummer while lugging your bags. No assigned seats only occurs on second class trains. Slow moving trains. We also travelled by overnight train(first class). This was very easy and considering the 10 hour ride a couchette was needed and worth the additional cost.
2) Private minibus – we travelled with a driver in a 16 seat minibus for a few days, this was amazing. The cost was cheap…about $45 Canadian a day
3) First class bus – assigned seating, air conditioning and filled with tourists. Still very cheap.
4) Second class buses (chicken buses) – this was a crazy experience. We travelled this way a lot in the final days in Morocco. Extremely cheap with all locals. The buses themselves are in a bit of disrepair and no air conditioning or windows that open. There are curtains to block the sun.

A few interesting things that occurred on these buses include…. Bus stopping at a garage while we were on it, we were required to walk the rest of the way since the bus wasn’t going to make it to the bus station. A bus stops to pick up new passengers, we are asked to remove our bags from the luggage carriage underneath to make room for the 8 goats that were going to occupy that space.
5) Petite taxi – each city in Morocco has its owned colored taxis. These can hold up to 4 people as they are small little Plymouth Horizon type cars. Occasionally, the driver will pick up additional passengers on the way and each person has their own metered fare.
6) Grand taxi – these are old Mercedes where you buy a spot. There are six spots in a car for sale – 4 in the back and 2 in the front and the car does not leave until it is full (or all spots are purchased). We travelled this way from Chefchaouen to Tetouen. It was $5 each for Dani and I for the two hour ride to the town border but squished in the back with two other people. A bit uncomfortable. We also had to travel this way from Tetouen to Tangier but splurged and bought 3 spaces in the back seat so we only had to share it with one other person. The other riders arguing about who would get to sit with us since it would be a more enjoyable ride for them as well.
7) Boat – we travelled by boat (apparently a cruise ship) from Tangier to Barcelona. With our change in plans, it was seemingly easier to do this rather than fast ferry and train in Spain. I will leave this experience for Dani to describe in another post.


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