Patagonia – Perito Moreno Glacier

Of all the things in Patagonia I was excited to see, Perito Moreno Glacier topped the list.  I do find this a bit ironic seeing as I live in Canada and actually not that far from the Columbia Icefields. None the less, the day had finally arrived!

The Perito Moreno Glacier is one of only three that is still growing.  The size of it is nothing short of impressive…250 square kilometers, which is roughly half the size of metro city Winnipeg.  Can you imagine – somewhere that has more ice and snow than Winnipeg!

We decided to take a tour that allowed you to hike to the glacier before entering the park. The hike was more like a walk from a viewpoint to a parking lot but nonetheless, seeing the glacier for the first time was amazing!  I think the highlight for Dani was stopping at a farm prior to any of this to have coffee and pet a baby guanaco.

We walked along the glacier lake and were able to see small icebergs floating in the lake!  So amazing!

We reached the park and were now able to walk a series of catwalks to get closer to the glacier.  It is really difficult to explain the size of it even when you are standing 800 meters away.  It really defies logic in your mind.

Occasionally, you would hear a sound kind of like a mix between an avalanche and thunder.  You would quickly turn to see where the noise was coming from to see the ice fall into the lake.  We were fortunate to see the glacier calve multiple times – the most spectacular being a full piece fall into the water – so approximately 74 meters of ice falling into the water – literally the size of a building.

We also did a short boat trip on the lake to get even closer to the glacier.  When taking photos (of you in front of the glacier), it was necessary to turn on the flash as the glare from the glacier would be too much that it blackens the image.

This highlight of Patagonia for me was stunning.  So much so that the hiking tour and boat trip are not even necessary – simply seeing the glacier and witnessing it calve is an amazing existential experience.

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3 thoughts on “Patagonia – Perito Moreno Glacier”

  1. To that Winnipeg dig I will simply say, “har har”.

    Also this blog post is making me feel extremely thirsty. Gorgeous photos, which I’m sure don’t even do it justice. 🙂

  2. Those may be your best pictures yet. I can’t believe there’s another animal out there that I’d never heard of before. Gold star if you can get photos with a capybara next.

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