Privacy Included

On our way across the ocean from Easter Island we stopped at another beautiful island, Mo’orea French Polynesia.

Our arrival to the island of Tahiti was amazing. The entire flight is greeted by Polynesian dancers and singers right on the tarmac as we disembarked the plane.  True sign that this is a tourist destination I think.  Our transfer to our hotel greeted us with leis as well.  They are beautiful but made me sneeze uncontrollably.

Dani wearing multiple leis
Dani wearing multiple leis

We only had the morning in the city of Papeete, Tahiti before taking a ferry to to Mo’orea.  We spent the morning wandering around the market and getting some supplies at the pharmacy.  This was when  I truly realized we were in France territory.  SOOOOOOOOO many French cosmetics.  All I wanted to do was shop and shop and shop.  I resisted and limited purchases to a fancy sunscreen and a leave in hair conditioner with UV protection (my hair is looking terribly dry)

The ferry ride to Mo’orea is short – it only needs to cover 15 kms.  I had read that the island was nicer and less busy than Tahiti so was excited to reach our beach fare that we would be staying in for the next week.

The beach fare was so cute!  As were our hosts (leaving us some beer in the fridge).  Complete with pet cat and bicycles.

My brain hadn’t left Spanish speaking countries yet though.  As people spoke to me in French, I would reply in Spanish.  Hard habit to break and my brain is too small right now to try and contain three languages.

All the advertising I had previously seen for French Polynesia had the tagline ‘Privacy Included’ with two people swimming alone in the lagoon.  This was 100% true.  We were about 500 meters from a public beach on the lagoon and there was no one around. Ever.


The water was unbelievably warm.  As warm as a bath tub.  As an added bonus the lagoon was great for snorkelling right off the beach.


We spent the week eating  brie and baguette for breakfast (cause you know France), spending some time at the beach, eating baguette and brie and pineappple for lunch (cause you know French Polynesia) walking around and relaxing on the deck of the fare for the afternoon.  Dinner and then watching the lizards eat bugs in our fare while reading our books.  Relaxation station.

We did venture out for a couple of days by car.  This gave us the opportunity to do a hike which was amazing until we lost the trail.  It got really windy as well and hearing the coconuts drop from the trees was actually pretty frightening.



Only complaint…this is an expensive destination. Worth it. Yes, privacy is included.

Album of Mo’orea


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