Welcome to the Philippines (or Asia Lite)

After 4 days on beach paradise on Boracay we had to make the easy trip to Cebu. This was a multi stage process involving a tricycle (a Philippine tricycle – not North American, in case you were picturing that), a boat, then another trike and a plane. When we booked our ticket I was able to purchase 10 (ONLY 10) kilos of luggage for each of us. Everything on the website says that you are allowed 10 only, and you can’t even buy more. So I carefully packed the packs. I packed, I weighed and I shuffled until everything was perfect.

We arrived at the airport and I was seeing some pretty big bags, which was distressing to me. In case you aren’t aware I’m obsessed with fairness. When we were able to check in, our bags were perfectly under 10 kg each. I was so proud. The CSA told us, “You know you can have 15 kg right?” Um no – obviously not. All the info on the website says 10. Our itinerary and receipt say 10. For more than a year you have been able to take 15 kg – no one thought to update anything.  Then – because this is an airline obviously obsessed with weight – we were weighed before we could check in. Like we both had to physically stand on the luggage scale. It was odd.

We then waited forever to board while watching CNN Philippines. This featured such goodies as, “The Pope Approval Rating in the Philippines.” In case you are wondering it is the highest it has ever been – with the Pope being the most trusted man in the Philippines. No one tell them that the Pope isn’t in the Philippines.

I ordered a waffle sandwich – which is basically just waffles with chocolate and banana between them as the plane was landing. Surely I would have enough time to had a sandwich made while they were getting all the people off of the plane and doing pre-boarding and everything.

Not 5 minutes later my waffles were still a mass of gooey dough and my name was being paged overhead. The CSA could see me waiting for my waffles and came to collect me. Like she walked over to the waffle store and collected my boarding pass for me. I took my uncooked waffles with me on the plane. Jen was worried that we would be over-weight since they had not weighed the waffles with me. It turns out they were boarding a plane that had arrived completely empty, so no one needed to be deplaned. We then got on and I realized how boarding was going so fast. The plane had only 14 passengers. Obviously we were in a big rush to get to Cebu. Even though I was being a big pain in the ass to them they just kept smiling – because Filipinos are the sweetest people on the planet.

So now we are in Cebu – where some options include:

  • Magellan’s Cross
  • Several Malls
  • A church
  • water sports

What we have managed to accomplish

  • hair trim (including eyebrow shaping with straight razor). I held very still for that one.
  • new passport photos – for Cambodian and Vietnamese visas.
  • purchased some new shirts
  • ate meat at a night meat market. twice.
  • that is it.

We are melting.

Our hotel is quite simple. Online I booked the “honeymoon room.”

It looks like this. Only a bit less nice.




Unbeknownst to me, we’ve likely stayed in other “honeymoon” rooms, if this is the standard.

Onward tomorrow to Bohol Island.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Philippines (or Asia Lite)”

  1. I’m a Filipino and I’m glad you liked it here! And it’s really nice of you to say “Filipinos are the sweetest people in the planet.” That means so much! I hope you enjoy your stay and find the beauty that lies within the ordinary setting of our beloved nation. I wish you’ll have a great time on your remaining time here in Phil! xx

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