Bangkok – Purr Cat Cafe (AKA Heaven)

*We’ve missed an entire country. Cambodia deserves several posts of it’s own – and it will definitely get them.*

Because of our Air Asia Asean Pass we had to stop in Bangkok to get to Hanoi from Siem Reap. In case you aren’t aware, it’s actually in the wrong direction and since we had to overnight anyway we decided to make it 3 nights. Why not.

We did one temple – which was great (Wat Pho). And then we had some time on our hands. Jen’s friend made us aware that there was a cat cafe not too far from us, and I didn’t need much convincing!

On arrival we were required to put on slippers and wash our hands. We then had to choose what we wanted from the menu – we decided on cake and coffee for our morning cat break.

These guys were waiting to greet us
These guys were waiting to greet us

We then entered the cat cafe proper – which was AMAZING. There were between 15 – 20 cats in the cafe. They were free to mill about – and there were two different rooms where you could enjoy your food. We chose the room that had seats near to the floor.

When our cake came one of the cats really was interested in eating it – but that is strictly not allowed – as per the rules.

There is no time limit on being in the cat cafe – which is excellent because there are a lot of cat’s to play with. As we had to share the cat cafe with others sometimes it was necessary to bribe the cats to remain near your table. Cat milk was available for purchase.

Cat Milk!
Cat Milk!
17645466216_ddd47c9d93_o (1)
Cat tongues! Drinking cat milk!

We played with the cats. A lot.

I got some ideas for home decoration.

Cat bookcase
Cat bookcase
Cat staircase and walkway
Cat staircase and walkway

This one was obviously my favourite.

dscn9010_17484658469_o (1) (1)

Cats everywhere. Heaven.

I took a lot of photos – I couldn’t help myself – here they are on flickr if you are interested. CAT PHOTOS.


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