Jen and Dani – Victoria Harbour

So. Jen and Dani. The story of Jen and Dani began in 2008. We met on a little dating site you may have heard of – Plenty of Fish. This embarrasses Jen to no end, but I tend to embrace it.

We live in Calgary. And intend to live here for at least 4 more years. That’s right – we’re living a 5 year plan right now. In progress. You’re jealous.

Jen proposed to me on December 31, 2009 and again on May 2, 2010 (long story) after Jen’s very first half marathon. I ran an 8 km that day and consider that the last time I will ever have to run in my life. Jen had the opposite response and has since run a full marathon. Amazingly.

Jen, Myself and Some friends at the Vancouver Half Marathon

Jen and I are busy planning our big gay wedding – which will take place on August 14, 2011. So far we have a venue and a date. That is essentially all you need right?

In true Lesbian style we  have 2 lovely cats. Henry is old and cranky, while Pancakes is young and cute. Their sole purpose in life is to make it to Sunday, when they get a Snappy Tom pouch of raw fish. It smells bad, but how can we deny them their only pleasure in life.

Henry sporting the animal tube top I knitted
Pancakes being adorable



Essentially this is our life in a nutshell. Jen is a fantastic post-writer, with well incorporated photos and detail. I have agreed to try to post once a week.


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