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I am not a model

Yesterday we had our photos taken by a lovely friend of ours.  I am calling these our anniversary photos.  We had our makeup done by another friend and travelled to a couple different locations in downtown Calgary with a few wardrobe changes as well.

I am not a model. Clearly.  But it was a lot of fun!

Jen+Dani_July8_Proof 133


We’re Married!!

We have had the greatest start to our vacation. Saturday was spent running around for errands. Sunday got up early to catch our flight to Toronto. Aside from the life fearing cab ride(can honking horn while passing a semi at 90km in speed limit zone of 70) we arrived and headed to the spa. After an hour in the calming waters and a massage, we headed to dinner with my cousin. After a lovely visit, home to the Sheraton for a pleasant night sleep.

This morning room service at 50% discount (thanks WestJet rate) and head down to the airport without even having to go out in the rain!

Poor Dani, the biggest chuckle of the day came at checkin. The CSA simply making some small talk and says “what are two single girls going to do in Key West?” Dani’s response “we’re married!!!” I think the CSA is still confused and backtracks a bit while I am laughing hysterically (making the CSA feel at ease). As he is assigning us our seats, realizes that we are married to each other and now understands why I am laughing and joins in.

Dani is so adorable being so embarrassed. Don’t worry – we’re marrried 😉

I’m Coming Out

By my estimate, I have been “out” for about 15 years. Wow. I am old. Anyhow, I say 15 years because that is the day that I told my parents. The people most important to me.

I never really realized that I live in a bubble. I have been rather fortunate that most of the friends that I have now are also gay. And also “out”. The straight friends that I have only have known me as a lesbian. I live in my comfortable little bubble of gayness.

Obviously with the recently beautiful wedding that I had with my absolutely lovely and amazing wife, I have recently started wearing a wedding ring. Naturally, I suppose this has encouraged co-workers, acquaintances, strangers and I suppose the general public to ask about my husband. Now don’t get me wrong, I totally understand how people would come to that assumption, I assume things all the time. I guess what is really surprising to me is that even after 15 years of being out, knowing this isn’t a phase and never hiding who I am, I am finding myself have to do that all over again and feeling nervous. I suppose this nervous feeling is because I generally think that I am a private person.

I am all for everyone who identifies as queer to come out. I think it is important and has made me a better person honestly. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that this process is NEVER done. And now, I can truly appreciate how it can be a difficult decision for some to come out….because here I am, 15 years later, a married lesbian explaining to people that my wife is more than a friend, and yes I am sure that I am gay, and yes my family is okay with it, and yes I am okay with it, and yes gay people can get married for real.


Well. We have been married! Exciting!

We had two good friends visit from Toronto. They were excited to check out a restaurant, Charcut. The chef, Connie DeSousa, was a recent contender on Top Chef Canada. Well, she was in the kitchen that night and our friends almost peed their pants with excitement. Photo to be uploaded. She visited all of the tables, and ended up sending over a plate of cookies, with “Congratulations” piped onto the plate in chocolate. How cute.  Dinner was amazing.

We also had dinner with our parents at Notable restaurant the night before the wedding. Good food as always.

The wedding day was amazing. The weather was perfect – the hottest day we have had all summer. The ceremony was so quick, I couldn’t believe how fast it went. The brunch was amazing. After the meal, most of the guests came over to our house for a day long celebration, which included meats, cheeses, and tasty desserts.  The day ended when at 1 AM we drove Jen’s cousins back to their hotel.

Now. Life is back to normal. Working and planning our European holiday!