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Victoria Marathon!

My training for the Victoria Marathon officially begins on Tuesday! Exciting! Well, I have been unofficially training for a couple of weeks.

Here is hoping that my newly mangled toe from getting dirt this morning doesn’t impact training too much!


The black toe nail had just about grown out and now this!


Training has unofficially begun!

The Victoria Marathon is October 7.  The running program that I have selected doesn’t ‘officially’ begin until June 17 but I want to make sure that I am tip-top shape to meet my time goal for the marathon sub 4 hours.

This week was a good week.  Started Sunday with a 15KM run around the Glenmore Reservoir with Joelle with a finishing time of 1:34 which was much better compared to the previous week.  Tuesday I was able to get in a quick 5KM before heading to acupuncture and before all the rain.  Wednesday – trail running some hills with my friend Axel.  It was gorgeous but a bit more difficult compared to what I am use to and it was also raining.  I sure did feel hard core though! Thursday off due to date night!  Friday off.  Saturday a hilly 10KM through flooded pathway.  Today – since it is raining and extremely windy – 15KM on the treadmill.  Not my favourite but was able to finish in 1:30.

This early and no vacation plans to interrupt – all and all starting out feeling confident about finishing sub 4. Now to keep it up for the next 4 months!

Race day fast approaching

Today was the first day to go to the Amsterdam Marathon expo. We decided to go first thing to avoid crowds and hopefully be back in time to do a world war ii tour. Naturally, our Canadian brains thought an hour should be about the correct amount of time to go somewhere not even on our map….wrong! It took 25 minutes! It is insane how we are conditioned for distance.

There are over 12,000 people running in the marathon. About the same amount running in the half. It is going to be a huge race. I am excited and intensely nervous.

We first arrived at the Olympic stadium. This is where I will finish the marathon complete with victory lap through the stadium. No joking.

We picked up my chip and t-shirt voucher and wondered around the expo. In terms of expos, this one actually doesn’t rank very high. I think that this might have something to do with arriving so early on the first day. We also collected a few brochures for other runs and a long sleeve branded shirt. We also tried to change my corral without success. Currently, I am in corral f with a predicted finish of 5 hours. I wanted to be two corrals up with a predicted finish of 4-4.5 hours. Oh well, I will have to weasel my way into the corral of my choosing on race day.


We rode the tram back to the hotel to drop off the loot and continued on our day sight seeing many things from world war ii.

P.S. Today we saw 5 people being transported by a single bicycle. A mother and four children ranging in age by my guess, 2-7 years.

BMO Vancouver Half Marathon WIN

The weekend of the Vancouver Marathon came so quickly.  We had just returned from Hawaii on Tuesday to leave for Vancouver on Friday.  Insane.

We stayed at the host hotel, The Four Seasons.  This is without doubt the most glamourous hotel that I have stayed in.  The service was amazing and the fact that L’Occitane was fully stocked in the bathroom was amazing!

When we arrived in Vancouver on Friday night, we went to a lovely restaurant with a couple of friends in Burnaby.  It was an Italian restaurant that serves family style.  Between the 5 of us, we ordered 1 salad and 2 entrees and still took home leftovers.

Saturday we went to the race expo to pick up my race pack!  So exciting!  Then we continued to wonder through Chinatown and Gastown.  Our usual Vancouver afternoon.  It was a lovely day and the sun was shining!  We also made a trip to North Vancouver where I have never been before and wondered around the tourist trap market.  It was a great day.

Sunday morning I wake up bright and early to make sure that I have plenty of time to get ready and calm down before the race.  I had put out all my clothes the night before to make sure that I had everything and to save time (even though I was up in P-L-E-N-T-Y of time)  I get all dressed, sunscreen on, hair tied back, chip on my shoe the only steps left are to wake Dani and put on my runners.  I let Dani know that I am just about ready to go so she should start getting up as well.  She trudges around still half asleep getting herself ready like a trooper to cheer for me at the finish line.  As we are getting ready to leave, I just have the final step…to put on my shoes.  Only to find out that I only have to left shoes.

You might ask why I have two pairs of the exact same shoe and how I can manage to pack the two left ones.  Well, since I run nearly daily, I have two pairs of the exact same shoes that I swap out each day.  How I managed to pack two left ones…I am going to blame on frantic moving, returning from Hawaii and the general attitude that I have on weekend trips…that whatever I have forgotten I am sure that I can find where ever my destination is.  Sadly, I think packing two left shoes on race day may be the exception.

Naturally, I start crying.  Actually that is probably not an accurate description. I am clearly crying my face off.  Dani is in such disbelief that her natural reaction is to laugh.  Obviously, this does not help.

Dani makes the suggestion of going to the race expo to see if we can buy me another pair of shoes.  I think this is impossible but seriously at this point what do I have to lose.

We walk to the race expo, me in full race gear including bib and wearing my mary jane shoes.  I feel like a fool.

We arrive at the race expo and it is race day so naturally it is insane.  People everywhere.  We walk up to the Saucony booth and ask if he has any shoes for sale.  He kinda of laughs since it is 6AM and what kind of runner would be getting new shoes on race day!  Since I am unbelievably stressed, naturally I will purchase whatever he puts in my hands that is under $500. He asks some questions and presents me with some Saucony Grids.  My first reaction, they are pink and really I don’t want pink shoes.  I put them on they feel great I decide that I will branch out and wear pink.

The story ends with me running a great race.  I felt strong the entire time and completely in the zone.  I feel a HUGE difference from the previous year that I ran the same race even though I really relaxed my training.  For the first time, I feel like a runner.  I finish the race with a personal best of a respectable 2:09 and thank Dani for keeping a calm head and helping me reach another goal.  I have also decided that this race will be my annual kick of the season race.  I look forward to participating next year!

Jen Deprez BMO 2011
Jen and Peter BMO 2011

I really need to starting training for real

The Vancouver Half Marathon is now only 30 days away.  I truly need to start training properly (okay it is too late to train properly – I need to start running)

Untitled by jendeprez at Garmin Connect – Details.

Unfortunately with being sick last week, I lost a full week of running and now after running I suffer from this terrible cough that it annoying!  Oh well, only 30 days, must make them count!