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Siquijor: Isla del Fuego – no seriously.

Siquijor – home of witchcraft in the Philippines. Because of this we obviously had to visit. We arrived at our resort and started looking for tours that would take us to a faith healer. The hotel’s tour was very rigid (as things tend to be here) and included a bunch of things that we weren’t interested in. I took to the internet and found our very own tour guide. He used to do his tours in a tricycle for a much better price but now he does them in a jeepney – a vehicle that is used for public transport and can fit as many as 20 people sitting, but when used in transit can fit easily 40. So we had plently of room in the back of the jeepney as there was just two of us.


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Welcome to the Philippines (or Asia Lite)

After 4 days on beach paradise on Boracay we had to make the easy trip to Cebu. This was a multi stage process involving a tricycle (a Philippine tricycle – not North American, in case you were picturing that), a boat, then another trike and a plane. When we booked our ticket I was able to purchase 10 (ONLY 10) kilos of luggage for each of us. Everything on the website says that you are allowed 10 only, and you can’t even buy more. So I carefully packed the packs. I packed, I weighed and I shuffled until everything was perfect.

We arrived at the airport and I was seeing some pretty big bags, which was distressing to me. In case you aren’t aware I’m obsessed with fairness. When we were able to check in, our bags were perfectly under 10 kg each. I was so proud. The CSA told us, “You know you can have 15 kg right?” Um no – obviously not. All the info on the website says 10. Our itinerary and receipt say 10. For more than a year you have been able to take 15 kg – no one thought to update anything.  Then – because this is an airline obviously obsessed with weight – we were weighed before we could check in. Like we both had to physically stand on the luggage scale. It was odd.

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