Dani’s Travelogue

Morocco –

Day 1 – Arrival to Morocco

– Arrived on plane, had to figure out how to take train to hotel. Not very hard, anyone could do it.

– Once off train walked for 45 minutes with packs on in 30 degree heat, along the tram line. Almost at hotel, realized could have been on tram. Gah. Kill me now.

– Checked into hotel, man sitting there to serve us mint tea. Improved the day 67%

– Really grumpy, walked around market – lots of dead fish, garbage everywhere.  Ate in restaurant and bed.

Day 2

– Walked to Hassan II Mosque. It was amazing! But I was hot and my clothes got wet from my sweating. Walked through Old Medina.

– Moved to hotel in the afternoon. Walked and carried bags – only took a few minutes. Jen was right… even though I wanted to take a taxi.

– We bought fruit. We were ripped off.

– Met with group from tour group. Jen was right.. mostly girls. 1 old man, and one young guy. Otherwise 12 girls.

– There are still cats everywhere. We saw a litter of 4 new kittens.



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