Welcome to the Philippines (or Asia Lite)

After 4 days on beach paradise on Boracay we had to make the easy trip to Cebu. This was a multi stage process involving a tricycle (a Philippine tricycle – not North American, in case you were picturing that), a boat, then another trike and a plane. When we booked our ticket I was able to purchase 10 (ONLY 10) kilos of luggage for each of us. Everything on the website says that you are allowed 10 only, and you can’t even buy more. So I carefully packed the packs. I packed, I weighed and I shuffled until everything was perfect.

We arrived at the airport and I was seeing some pretty big bags, which was distressing to me. In case you aren’t aware I’m obsessed with fairness. When we were able to check in, our bags were perfectly under 10 kg each. I was so proud. The CSA told us, “You know you can have 15 kg right?” Um no – obviously not. All the info on the website says 10. Our itinerary and receipt say 10. For more than a year you have been able to take 15 kg – no one thought to update anything.  Then – because this is an airline obviously obsessed with weight – we were weighed before we could check in. Like we both had to physically stand on the luggage scale. It was odd.

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OMG! Where has the time gone

It is April now. APRIL! I have failed to write anything about the places we have visited for the past month. My excuse will be that we have been visiting friends and family.

Brief breakdown:
New Zealand – had the pleasure of sharing this travel experience with my dad and sister who met up with us on the North Island. We spent time in Rotorua, Auckland, 90 mile beach. Highlight was definitely 90 mile beach where we had the best beach house with an enormous deck. Another highlight was the skyswing in Rotorua. Video posted in previous post.
Dani and I then went on a campervan adventure on the south island which was amazing. Highlights include Milford Sound and really just the entire camping experience. I am inspired to get a tear drop trailer on returning home.

Australia – a quick stop to visit friends in Melbourne and then Perth.  After visiting Melbourne, it is easy to see why it tops the most liveable cities lists constantly. It is a city that reminded me of Vancouver but with the right amount of Toronto mixed in. It was also amazing to catch up with friends who took us down to Port Campbell via great ocean road. Beautiful scenery. Perth was also an amazing city! So much green space! Many lovely beautiful parks and hot hot hot weather surrounded by ocean. Sharks are a problem though. On more than one occasion while talking with locals (and our friends who live there) sharks are a real problem. This is very foreign to me. Also, we loved Fremantle! So many cute shops, restaurants and a general great vibe!

It was also interesting to be in these two countries while the world cricket championship was going on. NZ and Australia making it to the final game is akin to a Canada-USA gold medal hockey match.

**No photos from either of these since I had to reset my phone..only in Flickr to be included later***

Bali, Indonesia – We have now spent a week in Bali. Well, kinda. The day we arrived we did a significant amount of touring around with a driver including but not limited to seeing some traditional dancing, viewing a waterfall, hugging a luwak, seeing a temple, getting in a minor car accident, eating satay and buying mangosteens at every fruit stall we passed (total consumption – no joke – nearly 12 kilos). After that day we were interested in catching up with our gay boyfriend from Calgary and have spent the entire week at the Sheraton Kuta Resort by the pool or getting massages(mostly for free!! Thank you points!!) We have ventured out to see some things and eat. Highlight meal being the Indonesian feast where our food was preceded by a drumming procession to announce its arrival. We should have known it was too much when they provided us with an additional table for all the food.








See. Boring. Adventure begins Sunday again when we start our Filipino adventures!!!

Privacy Included

On our way across the ocean from Easter Island we stopped at another beautiful island, Mo’orea French Polynesia.

Our arrival to the island of Tahiti was amazing. The entire flight is greeted by Polynesian dancers and singers right on the tarmac as we disembarked the plane.  True sign that this is a tourist destination I think.  Our transfer to our hotel greeted us with leis as well.  They are beautiful but made me sneeze uncontrollably.

Dani wearing multiple leis
Dani wearing multiple leis

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Easter Island

This was one of the stops I was most excited about on our journey but honestly I can’t even say why.  I think the remoteness is romantic maybe?   Easter Island at least to me is one of those places that sounds so far away, so magical that I really wanted to see it for myself.  As an added bonus it really broke up our flight travel across the Pacific.  An easy 5.5 hour flight from Santiago and then another 5.5 hour flight to Tahiti where we are staying a week and then New Zealand.  I need to ease in to the relaxation I guess.

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