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I am having trouble deciding which to go to. We are temporarily also at jenanddani.blogspot.com, but honestly I don’t like it that much. I’ve already lost a few posts (long posts) because I was automatically signed out when I logged into my Gmail. So that completely sucks.

Because they were good posts.

About the calgary mayoral race, and the baby tiger ( RIP ) and also the crazy pastor down in Flor-i-da who wants to burn up the Quran and make everyone mad and a little insane.

Ok, so the tiger is kind of old news now, since it is dead. And hopefully this leotarded pastor will blow over sometime soon – so that leaves me with the Calgary Mayoral Race as a gripping topic for the future.

Lifehacker’s poll of best blogging platform actually named wordpress first. So yay for wordpress. That’s good enough for me.


Just another blog

Hello! Welcome to just any other blog you’d find on the internet.

Jen and I just completed a trip to Ecuador which included visits to

  • Quito
  • Papallacta
  • Shangri-la Lodge (Near Tena)
  • Some community in the jungle (near Tena)
  • Banos (I can’t figure out the little accent over the n)
  • Cuenca
  • Cayambe
  • Otavalo

We rode about a billion hours on public buses, and I petted (pet?) dozens of stray dogs. Ecuador has many stray dogs, but I only saw 2 cats on the entire trip. I also took 1200 photos. Mostly of scenery, which tends to blur into all the same photo after a while.

It is my goal to write a little bit about our trip and throw it up here, along with some of my opinions!

Also – we used GAP adventures, which was pretty good. However I strongly suspect that for the cost of transport during our trip plus the cost of accommodation we could have done this trip for a LOT less. So I’m going to make a spreadsheet.