Rooms in Morocco

Marrakesh Express
Cost $45 includes 11 hour train ride
We took an overnight train from Marrakesh to Tangier. Easy breezy. Full post


Riad – Marrakesh Medina


This was an Air BnB find.
Cost $34
We stayed with some new friends in the medina in Marrakesh. Staying in the medina was a great experience because you really get a sense of how people live. We were an after thought in this reservation (our friends received the room featured in the ad) and this room felt as such. None of the outlets worked, there was a puddle of unknown source in the bathroom and the sink didn’t drain. Dani ended up taking a shower in our friend’s room. The location was awesome as was the courtyard.

Hotel Caspien – Marrakesh
Cost $60 CDN
Back to REAL hotel. Working shower, tv, balcony, restaurant (that serves alcohol), air conditioning. It was a lovely hotel with great staff. The location was a bit out of the way (30 minute walk to the medina) but very close to the main rail station.

Ait Ben Haddou – La Fibule D’or Guest House


Cost $45/person including half board
We were lucky enough to get room 8 which had two lovely large windows that overlooked the old kasbah. The view was amazing especially at sunrise when it could be enjoyed from the room. There was a lovely terrace where we were able to stargaze.

There was hot water and the room was adequate.

Breakfast was typical Moroccan of bread and jam but also yogurt! Dinner was delicious chicken couscous.

Todra Gorge – Hotel Taborihte

Sahara Desert Camp

Cost $ 40 CDN/ per person including camel ride, guide and dinner and breakfast

This was obviously extremely basic but the scenery of the Sahara and experience is what you are paying for. The dinner was an amazing chicken tagine and breakfast was the usual fare of bread and butter with honey. The guide was hilarious…his english vocabulary mostly consisting of the words ‘awesome’ and ‘oh my gawd’. Terrible riddles and drumming also included. Would highly recommend this experience.

Hotel Majestic
Amazing art deco hotel.

Hotel Maamoura
We are now in Morocco and so begins the series of twin beds.


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