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Barcelona adventures continue

We are just about complete our week in Barcelona.  It has been incredible and really nice to have an apartment to stay in the entire time.

We just came back from the Dali museum in Figueres.  The museum was amazing with many exhibits and many of them interactive for a few Euro.  We only had enough Euro for a couple of exhibits – one of them where it rained in a car which was pretty amazing. I am so glad we made the trip out.

We have also had the opportunity to see a few of the Gaudi sites in Barcelona.  The awe inspiring Sagrada Familia – which is still not complete (anticipated completion is 2026-2028 – guess we will have to come back)  It is truly amazing to see.

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We also went up the Nativity Tower to get a wonderful view of Barcelona.


Then had to climb down the narrow spiral staircase. Yikes!


We also took part in the official visit of Park Guell.  The park was gorgeous but the Gaudi site itself – only okay.  On our walk back from the park we managed to see two other Gaudi buildings both lovely.

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After taking in the Sagrada Familia, we were lucky enough to run into a friend of mine from Toronto who now lives in Barcelona.  We went for drinks and tapas(bravas, peppers, bread, mini burgers, and a plate of cured meats) and wandered around her neighbourhood with her cute Yorkshire Terrier, Vincent, which obviously Dani loved right away.

The other exhibit that we were able to see that I really enjoyed was at the CCCB entitled Big Bang Data.  I have just finished reading “To Save Everything, Click Here” which also talks about the subject which interests me alot.  The exhibit was a great visual representation of alot of the things that I read in the book and also included some of the ‘conscious citizen’ type products that are being developed.  Really neat (and nerdy)

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