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I am procrastinating doing math.  Instead, I am trying to think of all the things that I want to say about my beautiful vacation in Ecuador. It is remarkable to me the amount of time that has pasted already since being back from holiday.  It already seems like a lifetime ago…which means….I need to start planning my next trip!

My favorite part of Ecuador was the homestay with the Quichua family.  When I think of it now, this is surprising to me because my memory includes someone insisting I was insane for loving the idea of staying in hut.

Jungle Hut in Amazon

A hut that had a hole large enough for a stray dog to become my roommate (which did happen).  A hut that allowed for the Amazon rain of the jungle to soak my bed in the evening as I laid trying to sleep (no seriously, this happened).  A hut that had no electricity and therefore was pitch black at 6.30pm.  What is even more amusing to me now is to think about how much I enjoyed this experience and didn’t even speak to the family since I don’t speak Spanish or Quichua!

The days were filled with walking, reading, walking, thinking, sleeping, relaxing, more walking.

Fish with a Face
Fish with a Face

The food was also lovely – “fish with a face” also known as tilapia one evening.  It was so delicious.  It had been cooked over a fire (no electricity) wrapped in leaves and was probably one of the most delicious meals I had on the trip.

I think that the reason that I liked it so much is because it is so different from my regular day to day life.  The scenery in the jungle was also amazing. Hiking was amazing. Bathing in a little lagoon that was a kilometer away.  Everything seemed simple (although alot of hard work) I miss simple.  Everything at home seems complex work, bills, mortgages, tenants, insurance, cars, school.  I think that this is what is commonly referred to as vacation blues.  The best way for me to avoid them will be to start planning again. Starting now.