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Correo Argentino

There are a few things that make travel challenging but there are two in particular that really stretch me. The first is being dumped off a bus in the middle of a new town and trying to find the hostel. All hostels are advertised as being within 200 metres of the “bus station.” Even if a town has multiple bus stations.

The second is trying to use any country’s mailing system. Morocco’s system really pushed me to the limit, but Argentina really gave them a run for their money when we tried to mail a package home.

The first day, in 38 degree heat we walked to the post office for the sole purpose of obtaining a box to mail some things that we’ve been carting around back to Canada. We waited in the line, even though we weren’t sure it was the right line, and when our turn came we met the nicest Argentine lady. I tried to ask for a box in Spanish, but she replied in English. She set me up with an awesome box, and said, “when you come back tomorrow don’t wait in the line, just come see me and I will help you.” People like this are like little angels placed in South America to help me when things seem difficult.

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Finding the words

Buenos Aires stole my heart. It is such a beautiful city. As days had moved closer to us arriving, I will admit I was getting nervous. Many travelers we met, MANY, had unfortunate incidents of being robbed.  We kept our wits about it and were able to enjoy every moment. (Exception: postal service. Dani to provide comment)

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Mistakes I Made while Circumnavigating Argentina on the Bus

After spending some time in Chiloe, with a lovely family we found on AirBnB, we found out that we could actually fly from Puerto Montt to Punta Arenas, for not that much money at all (68,000 Chilean Pesos). We had very much romanticized taking a bus down Route 40 in Argentina, so we decided to push this decision off for a bit. We headed via Bus from Ancud (to Puerto Montt) and then onto Bariloche. After a few lovely days in Bariloche (highlight was definitely a hike in Llao Llao Municipal park) we had a decision to make. Should we back track to Puerto Montt, and then fly to Southern Patagonia, or should we follow our original plan.

Romance for the win! We decide to take the bus down (sometimes) scenic Route 40.  We made this decision on a Wednesday.

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Patagonia – Perito Moreno Glacier

Of all the things in Patagonia I was excited to see, Perito Moreno Glacier topped the list.  I do find this a bit ironic seeing as I live in Canada and actually not that far from the Columbia Icefields. None the less, the day had finally arrived!

The Perito Moreno Glacier is one of only three that is still growing.  The size of it is nothing short of impressive…250 square kilometers, which is roughly half the size of metro city Winnipeg.  Can you imagine – somewhere that has more ice and snow than Winnipeg! Continue reading Patagonia – Perito Moreno Glacier

Patagonia – the first stops

We are taking about a month to travel through the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina. At first, we were travelling quite quickly likely because we were mildly panicked about the amount of ground to cover. Now, we are only a couple of stops away from the most southern (inhabited) city in the world with about 14 days to go. Leaving us time to relax, hike and enjoy the solitude of this beautiful area.

Our route has been criss crossing between Chile and Argentina (make the most of the fact we had to pay reciprocal fees for both countries).

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