Rooms of the World

TinHouse, Puerto Natales

Bla!, El Calafate

Inlandsis, El Chalten

Pioneros, El Calafate

Apartment, Bariloche

Hostel, In Ancud

AirBnb, Castro

Compass Del Sur, Puerta Varas

Pucontours Hostal, Pucon

Casaltura Boutique Hostal, Santiago

Palacio Del Inka, Cusco
Cost: $0 POINTS!!!
OMG! OMG! Being an SPG Member is the only way to go.




We were upgraded to a suite at this hotel. It is GORGEOUS! Although this is only photos of the rooms the grounds are also unbelievable!! There are two outdoor areas, a heated pool, a gym and a spa. There are staff everywhere to assist you with anything you need. Anything! Becoming an SPG member was the best decision I have ever made!!!!

Casandino Hostel
Cost: $7 per person

This was just a place to rest our heads for a night on either side of our trek. And thank gawd…it was disgusting. The bathroom was one of the worst I had ever seen and since none of the windows closed it smelled like street food all the time. The saving grace was the lovely owner. Also, this was a truly local experience since it was only Peruvian families and us that occupied the rooms.

One thing of funny note was the day we left for our trek, Dani was unable to open the door to exit the hostel and was in such a panic.
Paz y Luz, Pisac
Cost: $70 including breakfast

We needed a break from the family homestay so we took a weekend trip to Pisac. The hotel is also a retreat for new age medicine with a sweat lodge, meditation room and yoga among other things. Perhaps if we were taking advantage of these services this hotel might have seemed more worth the money. The grounds were nice as was the view from the room but a bit overpriced in our opinion.

Cusco Homestay
Cost : $15/per day per person including FULL BOARD

As part of our Spanish program, we stayed with a Peruvian family. We were fed three times a day. This was a really interesting experience because there were three generations all living in this house so at times it seemed really chaotic.

The food was pretty boring and very carb heavy. Typically it would be white rice, potatoes and quinoa. Occasionally some mystery meat. We were here for three weeks.

The other thing that is memorable is that the bathroom. It didn’t have hot water and the bottom of the door was glass…so people could peer in at you on the toilet. Something we just got over.

It was really far out….and we fell asleep to the sound of dogs barking.

Sheraton Lima Hotel and Conference Center
Cost: FREE!!! Points!!!



We arrived a bit late to this hotel.  We had booked a double room but when we arrived the customer service agent apologized profusely  saying that it was only a double bed and not two twins (which is what we would prefer but have come across this situation a few times being two girls) Our normal response is to take whatever they give us.  In this case, they needed to upgrade us!  Upgrade included free fruit on arrival, access to the club lounge area for snacks, free breakfast in the morning and best of all FREE WIFI in the room! (allowing us to catch up on phone calls home with such a speedy connection!)  Also, the room was gorgeous! It was clean and wonderful.  The street noise is a bit much but we are on the 17th floor so nothing that the hotel can do about that.

Hotel Termal Villas
Cost: FREE!! Including full board


We are volunteering for a week in central Spain…so not entirely free…I have to talk to people all day long…which really is free in my mind. We are here for a week! Meals are all three course for the next week. Fatten up before Peru!

AC Hotel Atocha
Cost: 0!! Points certificate!!

This hotel is conveniently located close to the train station. It is amazing!!! This is the second time though where we have stayed in a hotel that has a glass shower off the bedroom area which is a bit odd. The best part through is that it is free!!!

Rooms in Morocco!

Rooms in Turkey!


Blackstone Renaissance (A Marriott Property)

Priceline: 367 USD for 3 nights.
We received a free upgrade to a Lakeview room on the 12th floor because Dani tweeted the hotel. We also received access to the executive lounge on the 23 floor which gave us free Starbucks coffee anytime all day, and hot breakfast. Thumbs up to aveda bath product. Thumbs down to no free WiFi in the room, not even in the executive lounge.
Amazing experience here overall.




Our first night away from our house – we stayed at the Residence Inn Marriott in NE Calgary.  Dani had a free night stay because of an amazing points offer when you sign up for a Marriott Visa card.

Cost: $0 (points offer from Marriott)

Impression: Exceeded my expectations. The room had a kitchen, pull out sofa, desk and a wonderful bathroom. Paul Mitchell hair products


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